Women in Water and Sanitation Registration.

This information is for the benefit  of those who would like to join Women in Water and Sanitation (WIWAS).

Who Can Join?

  1. County Governments.
  2. Semi-autonomous governments agencies (SAGAS).
  3. Water service providers.
  4. Students/ Undergraduates.
  5.  Academic Institutions.
  6. Individual members interested in water and sanitation. 
  1. Civil Society organizations.
  2. Women Enterprises in Water and Sanitation Sector.
  3. Development partners.
  4. Financial Institutions.
  5. Private sector companies.
  6. Other associations (WRUAs, IWUAs etc).

Every category through active participation, enjoy the benefits expected of an association such as training, innovation incubation, business opportunity, networking and interaction, knowledge sharing, policy discussion and above all corporate social responsibility. The association helps in building a responsive society and economy where everybody has a right to participate in development and provides a forum for creating awareness through education and events.

Membership Packages

Membership Registration Request Form