About the ToYA

Women in water and sanitation association (wiwas) together with directways networking limited and her partners, the ministry of water, sanitation and irrigation (mwsi) among others, will host their 1st sanitation symposium and expo, and the second edition of the toilet of the year award (toya), from 17th to 18th november 2022.
The sanitation symposium & expo will bring together decision makers, practitioners, business community, development partners, academics, researchers, sanitation service providers/workers, entrepreneurs, representatives from mandated institutions, innovators and ngos, among others to share knowledge and innovative sanitation solutions.

The toya award ceremony is a yearly event hosted by wiwas to mark the world toilet day. It seeks to recognize and motivate individuals and/or organisations that provide sanitation services, including toilets that are inclusive. This year a toilet which ensures safe management of human waste and is woman-friendly will be recognized.

Under representation of women in decision making
● WASH sector is male dominated resulting in solutions that are not women friendly.
● Women are limited to being users and not entrepreneurs,decision makers or innovators.
● Women’s knowledge is largely excluded in decision making,innovation, and agenda setting at all levels.

● Women’s contribution to sanitation solutions and innovation are largely invisible.

● This limits opportunities to alternative sustainable sanitation
● WIWAS, in collaboration with her partners seek to provide the link between users, sanitation service providers and policy makers

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