Who we Are

WIWAS is a platform to build competitive gender relationships build on equity. It has the mandate to raise awareness on issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment in the water and sanitation sector as well as a networking platform to develop more career opportunities and support women in the provision of services and women professionals.

Women in Water and Sanitation Association (WIWAS) is well positioned to provide variable opportunity for women to support sustainable development goals and ensure future generations are protected. WIWAS endeavors to complement the strategies of state actors infast tracking the realization of the both national and international goals.


Empowered women at the core of WASH


To empower women in water and sanitation through capacity building, mentorship, knowledge management, advocacy and networking to achieve a gender-responsive water and sanitation management.

What we Do

Our overall aim is to strengthen the role of women in water and sanitation to support sustainable development and access to water and sanitation for all. We believe that with enough support the potential to improve the performance of Women in Water and Sanitation is enormous.

What's New