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Kes 20,000.00/y

  • Corporate
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Kes 3,000.00/y

  • Individual
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Kes 1,000.00/y

  • Students

Empowering women, creating lasting impact globally

Women play a crucial role in sustainable water management and sanitation practices, and their involvement is vital for several reasons. Firstly, women contribute unique insights into community needs and water usage patterns, providing a holistic understanding of water-related challenges. Secondly, engaging women economically and socially fosters leadership roles, empowering them to make informed decisions that positively impact their communities. Moreover, their involvement in promoting health and hygiene practices directly improves public health and sanitation standards, ensuring a healthier and more prosperous society. Lastly, women's dedication to environmental stewardship, including water conservation and environmental protection, paves the way for a sustainable future, safeguarding precious resources for generations to come. By recognizing and valuing women's contributions, we can achieve a more equitable and resilient water and sanitation sector.

Research and Capacity Building

We are committed to advancing research excellence and promoting gender equality in the field. Our team of skilled and passionate researchers...

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Networking and Mentoring

We foster a strong network of women professionals in the water and sanitation sector, offering mentoring programs and opportunities for care...

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Advocacy and Policy

Advocating for gender-inclusive policies and equal opportunities, we strive to influence decision-makers and promote women's involvement in ...

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Community Projects

WIWAS initiates and supports community-based projects focused on clean water access and sanitation improvement. Through collaboration with l...

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Education and Training

We provide specialized training programs, workshops, and educational resources tailored to women's needs in the water and sanitation industr...

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